Packing and Seedling Trays

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Seedling Tray Features:

• 100 % growth of seedling, with same size and retain healthy and fresh.
• Easy to remove from try and white sprouts not get cut.
• Re-platting in the farm, the seedling retain fresh.
• Save water, manure, time, hard work, labor and transport cost.
• Increase 30% to 40% extra production capacity.
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Tray Filling Machines

Seedling Tray Filling Machine Features:

• Totally Automatic Machine, less manual intervention
• Fills 8 to 10 trays per minutes i.e. 500 to 600 trays in an hour depending on quality of coco peat, tray size and no. of cavities.
• It saves 7 to 8 nos. of labors / works per day and it cost.
• Though it is powered with 3 phase Geared Motors, it operates on single phase electrical connections which is unique feature of this machine.
• Completely safe and any layman can operate easily.
• Adjustable variable speed for all 3 belts.
• Spare parts are easily available
• Prompt after Sales Service : Summet’s promise.
• Absolutely very very less maintenance cost and hassle free operation.
• The machine can work with three phase and single phase electricity meter.
• Save time, hard work and labor cost.
• Low maintenance cost and easy spare parts available.
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